E-Nation - Why worry? It's an E-TEC!

29/06/2012:  Why worry? It's an E-TEC!.....

Basic boat maintenance is usually something that I put off not because I find it mundane, it's just one of the jobs that gets put further down the list of priorities -- even lower than a lazy Sunday on the lounge watching motorsports and drinking beer.

With a tournament looming, it was time to give the boat, electronics, and batteries a check to make sure everything was in working order. The last time the boat hit the water must have been a whisper shy of 3 months ago. All fuses, electronics, connections, and plugs were in good order, with no signs of corrosion or build-up on the battery terminals. Even the lockers, hinges, and locks were inspected and sprayed with Lanox.

The main switch panel, with navigation lights, sounders, live well, and bilge pumps, all checked out OK. The electric motor was deployed, and the foot pedal worked as well as it could while not being on the water.

The last thing was to hook up the engine muffs and hose and give the engine a crank. The ignition was set to the On position, engine systems check lit up, and the all too familiar beep told me all was good. Ready to turn the key and fire up the engine, I hesitated for a second thinking, "Will it start?" I turned the key and the motor roared to life instantly. "What a great sound," I thought to myself -- sporty, throaty, and yet distinguished.

I neednít worry; itís an E-TEC. It starts first time every time!

Until next time, stay safe and do some minor maintenance.