2010 fishing guides released for summer fishing season

31/12/2009:   Fishers flocking to the water in 2010 should make sure they grab their copies of the NSW Recreational Saltwater and Freshwater Fishing Guides.

Industry & Investment (I&I) NSW Recreational Fishing Manager Bryan van der Walt said the guides are produced by I&I NSW and funded from the Recreational Fishing Trust, to provide recreational fishers with comprehensive and user-friendly information regarding fishing rules and regulations in NSW waters.

'Anglers looking for the top fishing spots will find all the information they need in the latest editions of NSW's fishing guides,' Mr van der Walt said.

'Two separate guides are produced every year, the NSW Recreational Saltwater Fishing Guide and the NSW Recreational Freshwater Fishing Guide.

'The easy-to-understand guides are a comprehensive resource for families and holiday anglers. The guides ensure anglers are aware of their role and responsibilities in taking care of our aquatic environment by providing extensive information on any new and existing fishing regulations as well as helpful fishing facts.

'Included in the free guides is information on fishing fees, catch and release fishing, safety tips, knots and rigs, fishing rules, legal lengths, bag limits, protected and threatened species, and tide charts.

'They also explain how fish licence fees are invested back into fishing through the Recreational Fishing Trusts of NSW which fund various projects such as the provision of fish cleaning tables at popular fishing spots, the mooring of fish aggregating devices (FADs) offshore to promote new fishing areas and fish restocking programs across the state.

'Recreational fishing is a popular and healthy pastime enjoyed by many and responsible fishing will ensure the health and sustainability of our aquatic habitats for our future generations of anglers.

'The statewide distribution of these annual guides demonstrates the State Government's commitment to improving the fishing experience for anglers across NSW.'

Copies of the NSW Recreational Saltwater Fishing Guide 2010 and the NSW Recreational Freshwater Fishing Guide 2010 are available from Industry & Investment NSW Fisheries Offices and most fishing tackle shops.

They are also available to download online at www.industry.nsw.gov.au/fisheries:

. NSW Recreational Saltwater Fishing Guide 2010

. NSW Recreational Freshwater Fishing Guide 2010

via Industry and Investment NSW