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Tidal Water Action - DVD:

Tidal Water Action

In deciding to make a video on Bass and Estuary Perch, Dean Hayes and I committed ourselves to both a long term project – and one that would not only cost time, but also money.

Not being able to afford film crews and their tight deadlines, we put ourselves into debt, purchasing the very best in digital movie equipment – taught ourselves – and carried it everywhere we fished..Click Here

Wild River Bass - DVD :

Filmed on the spectacular rivers of the Mid North coast and Northern Rivers of NSW, Wild River Bass highlights the struggle of the wild bass to survive in a harsh environment plagued by droughts, floods and other seasonal torments.

From the twisted snags of a darkened bank to the dark of an evening surface bite we explore every angling aspect of river fishing, with fantastic top water action, big fish and underwater footage that will provide an open window into the world of bass. ...Click Here