Filmed on the spectacular rivers of the Mid North coast and Northern Rivers of NSW, Wild River Bass highlights the struggle of the wild bass to survive in a harsh environment plagued by droughts, floods and other seasonal torments. From the twisted snags of a darkened bank to the dark of an evening surface bite we explore every angling aspect of river fishing, with fantastic top water action, big fish and underwater footage that will provide an open window into the world of bass.

Wild River Bass focuses on the fish, the environment and wildlife that combine to make bass angling an unforgettable experience. Filmed over two full seasons, in all manner of weather and locations, the Wild River Bass crew have strived to capture the best bass fishing has to offer and combine it into an action packed DVD that will have you reaching for the rewind button, not fast forward. With more than half a dozen river bass over 50cm fork length it is truly a bass angler's dream come true and one we would like to share with you.

Wild River Bass caters for the angler that wants to see action on big fish while providing subtle hints and tricks to the novice just starting out, fishing for bass. The DVD generates the feel that is bass fishing.

Additional footage in the Extras menu shows some of the tackle used in the filming as well as a sneak peak of a Saltwater DVD currently under production. A stills gallery offers a snap shots of the fish, the wildlife and some of the scenery encountered during the making of Wild River Bass.

Steve Starling , as we all know is one of Australia 's most respected fishing journalists and TV presenters; he said …” Wild River Bass is a pearler…Excellent production…' “This one made me want to grab a rod, pick up a box of lure and head bush..”

We do hope you enjoy Wild River Bass.

“Being there is enough…catching fish is a bonus” Of bass fishing, it is true!

Dave Seaman & Dave Scarlett shared more than a desire to produce a world class fishing video; they also share a long term passion for bass fishing that has grown with them since their youth.

With over 20 years of writing experience (fishing) Dave Seaman is a respected member of the fishing industry with material regularly appearing in Barra & Bass with bream Digest, Saltwater Fishing Aust, Modern Fishing, Fishing Monthly Group, Annual, and ABT Tournament guides. Also published in Fishing World, Freshwater Fishing, Saltwater Sport Fishing, David's work includes stunning underwater photographs and illustrations for T-shirts, Restaurants, books and magazines.

A competitive ABT member & Tournament angler Dave is a welcomed face on the competition scene but he love nothing more than disappearing into the mountains chasing big bass. Catching his first bass at the age of 10, Dave has had a love of bass for more than thirty years.

Dave Scarlett is a career News cameraman and editor with over 15 years experience working under the pressure the job demands. His ability to capture the moment and see the potential of a shot is very welcome when you deal with blink and you miss it fishing action. Growing up, fishing for bass in places like the Williams River , Dave has developed an admiration for the tough, aggressive nature of the bass and committed his creative talent to help produce the title Wild River Bass.

Together the two Dave's focused on balancing between a fishing DVD and a fishing adventure with plenty of subtle and narrative information that covers the river life cycle of the bass. Piecing together the footage and sounds of the wild rivers they fished they were able to produce a DVD that is definitely one for the video library.

Where do you get it!

For copies of Wild River Bass ask your local tackle retailer or visit Richmond (NSW) Video Ezy, St Marys Tackle, Australian Bass Angler, Manning River Marine, Waite's Tackle Taree.

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